The Lord Chancellor            Stephen Grimshaw

Lord Mountararat                        Matt Dauncey

Lord Tolloller                               Dennis Carter

Private Willis                          Charles Leeming

Strephon                                           Jon Paget

The Queen of the Fairies           Sue Goodman

Iolanthe                                     Paula Boyagis

Celia                                        Jessica Phillips

Leila                                        Chrissie Higgs

Fleta                                     M'Lou Llewellyn 

Phyllis                                         Lisa House

Iolanthe by G&S



Iolanthe poster.JPG

Iolanthe is a brilliantly funny, satirical fantasy, revealing a typically Gilbert & Sullivan topsy-turvy worldview.

Phyllis and Strephon wish to marry, but as Phyllis is a ward of court she requires the Lord Chancellor’s permission.

The Lord Chancellor, however, wants her for himself.

Matched by Sullivan’s ever-melodious score, Gilbert not only targets peers of the realm, but also offers thinly disguised portraits of Queen Victoria, John Brown (her personal servant and ‘close companion’), Lord Randolph Churchill (reformist Tory) and William Gladstone (Liberal PM of the day).


Performed at Lavington School on October 11th, 13th & 14th at 7.30pm